Notes from a Meeting

This short film is a collaboration between video artist Belinda Ackermann, dancer Julie Havelund, and myself. I created audio from recorded sounds made in and around the Siobhan Davies dance studio in London, where Julie performed her dance; there are also some sounds from the park near where I live on a sunny afternoon.

About the piece

Independently conceived movements, images and sounds overlap like translucent layers, a narrative of displaced times and places – a private glint of sunlight, a chattering midday park, a church façade in a cloudy city. Notes from a Meeting flickers between these varied times and locations, inspired by notions of density, proximity, abstraction and the possibilities of playful exchanges in the process of making.

This project grew from a simple curiosity about the unconscious act of casting a shadow, and how it might transform, vanish and reappear in another format. Choreographer & Dancer Julie Havelund | Sound scape Jacob Thompson-Bell | Video Artist Belinda Ackermann.

JTB May 2013

One thought on “Notes from a Meeting

  1. It really works. The physical moves, the video and the soundtrack complement each other beautifully. Watched it several times and never got bored…

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