RE-Moulded @ Somerset House

Throughout this year, I’m working as the 2014 Sound and Music Embedded Composer in Residence with Somerset House. My project, RE-Moulded, explores the sonic environment of Somerset House (London) with the help of a microphone, sketchpad, and some fellow musicians and artists. I’m also engaging with Somerset House tenants and visitors to find out about their sonic experiences of the building.

Take a look at my composer sketchbook to find out more about my work on the project, and to read about upcoming events as part of the project. The sketchbook contains a mixture of audio, illustrations, text blogs and photographs related to my residency. You can also find out about which parts of the building I’m exploring.

More information about Sound and Music’s Embedded programme is available at:
Read more about Somerset House at:

RE-Moulded is supported by Sound and Music’s Embedded Composer in Residence programme with Somerset House. Read full acknowledgements here.

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