Somerset House in Full Bloom (Download)

Somerset House in Full Bloom is now available for download. The album mixes together my field recordings made around Somerset House (February – November 2014), with realisations of my graphic score Somerset House in Full Bloom, performed by Paul Beckett (viola) and Zac Gvi (accordions, clarinet, farulliah).

The album is available as high-quality downloadable tracks for £5, and comes with a free pdf of the illustrated score.

This album was developed as part of the RE-Moulded project. Released 18 December 2014 | Supported by Sound and Music‘s New Voices 2014 and Embedded programmes. Created in collaboration with the performers: Paul Beckett and Zac Gvi.

Viola – Paul Beckett | Accordions, Clarinet, Farulliah – Zac Gvi
Original score, field recordings and production, Somerset House, London, by Jacob Thompson-Bell
Studio recording by Dick Hammett at Red Gables Studios, London

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