Postcards from Eyemouth


Since August, I’ve been working on research and development for a project in dialogue with residents of the harbour town of Eyemouth, Scotland. With support from Leeds College of Music, I’m working in collaboration with drummer Nick Katuszonek to collect “postcards” from Eyemouth residents sharing stories, photographs and sounds, as well as our own responses to the area.

We’ll be building on contributions to create a postcard series of graphic scores, ready for performances by young musicians from Leeds, at Eyemouth Hippodrome arts centre.

We’re gearing up to launch the project fully during January 2017, so there’s still lots of design and development work to be done. There’s more info on the project blog:

In the meantime, here are some “postcards” snapped on a disposable camera and sent in from the Eyemouth Yarn Bombers group…plus a few sounds I collected during August/September.