Listen/Here Film

Watch Darren Michael’s new film of Listen/Here, my final event for RE-Moulded, as Sound and Music Embedded Artist in Residence at Somerset House (September 2013 – January 2015). Filmed 29 January 2015, featuring performances from the Ligeti Quartet and CoMA, amongst others.

RE-Moulded was supported by the Sound and Music Embedded programme, funded by the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, with support from Arts Council England. Full acknowledgements here.

Somerset House in Full Bloom (Download)

Somerset House in Full Bloom is now available for download. The album mixes together my field recordings made around Somerset House (February – November 2014), with realisations of my graphic score Somerset House in Full Bloom, performed by Paul Beckett (viola) and Zac Gvi (accordions, clarinet, farulliah).

The album is available as high-quality downloadable tracks for £5, and comes with a free pdf of the illustrated score.

This album was developed as part of the RE-Moulded project. Released 18 December 2014 | Supported by Sound and Music‘s New Voices 2014 and Embedded programmes. Created in collaboration with the performers: Paul Beckett and Zac Gvi.

Viola – Paul Beckett | Accordions, Clarinet, Farulliah – Zac Gvi
Original score, field recordings and production, Somerset House, London, by Jacob Thompson-Bell
Studio recording by Dick Hammett at Red Gables Studios, London

Somerset House: Listen/Here

On 29 January 2015, I presented Listen/Here, the culmination of my residency at Somerset House, and the final event of the RE-Moulded projectListen/Here took the form of a series of simultaneous live performances in various locations around Somerset House, running continuously throughout the evening. Audiences were led by guides through each of the performance locations, focusing on the sounds of Somerset House, as well as the ways I’ve collected and re-worked them into music.

My scores and illustrations, based on the sounds of Somerset House, were brought to life in performances by CoMA, the Ligeti Quartet and more, with music inspired by underground generators, rushing traffic, bustling cafes and other ambient sounds around the building.

RE-Moulded was supported by the Sound and Music Embedded programme, funded by the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, with support from Arts Council England. Full acknowledgements here.

RE-Moulded @ Somerset House

Throughout this year, I’m working as the 2014 Sound and Music Embedded Composer in Residence with Somerset House. My project, RE-Moulded, explores the sonic environment of Somerset House (London) with the help of a microphone, sketchpad, and some fellow musicians and artists. I’m also engaging with Somerset House tenants and visitors to find out about their sonic experiences of the building.

Take a look at my composer sketchbook to find out more about my work on the project, and to read about upcoming events as part of the project. The sketchbook contains a mixture of audio, illustrations, text blogs and photographs related to my residency. You can also find out about which parts of the building I’m exploring.

More information about Sound and Music’s Embedded programme is available at:
Read more about Somerset House at:

RE-Moulded is supported by Sound and Music’s Embedded Composer in Residence programme with Somerset House. Read full acknowledgements here.

Museums at Night: 15 May 2014

As part of Somerset House’s Museums at Night exhibition on 15 May 2014, I presented In Memory, an evening-long installation of electronic drones and nostalgic recompositions of Bach’s Cello Suite in G major.

The performance included a live ‘incantation’, repeated three times throughout the night, by solo musicians in Seamen’s Hall (South Wing, Somerset House), interspersed with electronic drones.

Incantations were performed by a combination of viola , cello, Baroque viola, Baroque cello, five micro-cassette recorders, speaker, a selection of handbells, and other pre-recorded sounds.

Viola – Paul Beckett
Baroque viola – Emma Alter
Violoncello – Deborah Chandler
Baroque violoncello – Natasha Kraemer