Bramley Forge Lock 03.04.16

Details from the full score. To request a copy of the full score, please contact me.

This score is based on field recordings I collected on the afternoon of Sunday 03rd April 2016, whilst walking near Bramley Forge Lock, in Leeds.The score visualises the gradual synthesis of two distinct layers of sound: 1. birdsong, and 2. a mixture of canal water gently hissing in the distance, rustling leaves, and people pottering about on their Sunday afternoon. These layers gradually become subsumed by a furious watery cascade, as my listening approaches the edge of the lock (images read clockwise from top right).

Premiere performance by Matthew Bourne and Philip Thomas, The Gallery at Munro house, Leeds

Created for Fresh Yorkshire Aires performances and exhibitions June – July 2016. Performed as a piano duo by Matthew Bourne and Philip Thomas, at The Gallery at Munro House, Leeds and Bank Street Arts, Sheffield. Supported by Arts Council England, Leeds College of Music and Sound and Music.

(c) Jacob Thompson-Bell 2016