Somerset House Sound Maps

Two sound maps of Somerset House, created as part of my position there as Sound and Music Embedded Artist in Residence.

Somerset House Sound Map (right)

This maps sounds heard in various locations around Somerset House, arranging them according to a rough floor plan of the main building. The map is designed to be read whilst moving around the site.

Vania’s Sound Map (left)

This map was created in response to tour guide volunteer Vania Gay’s chosen route around the Somerset House buildings. The map illustrates Vania’s observations about sounds at various stopping points on her Somerset House tour. Some offer tranquility, others a “competition for sound space”.

Vania’s tour runs from loud to quiet spaces, and from ground to basement floors, like a river flowing in reverse. Moving from the top to the bottom of the page, the map traces Vania’s tour in order. The gradual movement from sound to silence is represented by an increase of empty white paper, leaving more “sound space” for Vania to speak.

Created as part of the RE-Moulded project at Somerset House, developed through the Sound and Music Embedded programme, with support from Somerset House Trust, the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and Arts Council England.

(c) Jacob Thompson-Bell 2014