a lot like this…

January 2017: for solo scordatura cello, in three continuous movements. Score available on request. Performed by Joely Koos. Photography by Belinda Ackermann.


Postcards from Eyemouth

Currently in research and development: a site-specific collaboration between Eyemouth Hippodrome (Scottish Borders), drummer Nick Katuszonek and me. If you live in Eyemouth, we’re asking for your stories of this harbour town, past and present. We’re looking for photographs, music, memories, newspaper cuttings, recordings and anything else you feel represents Eyemouth. Nick and I will be responding to these contributions […]


Fresh Yorkshire Aires 1

June 2016: new graphic scores from Katie English (#1), Nigel Morgan (#2), me (#3) and Jez Riley French (#4), exhibitions in Leeds and Sheffield, piano duo performances by Matthew Bourne and Philip Thomas, and an online showcase of work by artists based across Yorkshire. I produced and directed the project. More information. Recording of my […]



January 2015: performances and a guided sound tour of Somerset House, exploring the changing soundscape of corridors, staircases and underground chambers around the site. Performers included CoMA and the Ligeti Quartet. I created and directed the project as Sound and Music’s Embedded Artist in Residence with Somerset House (2013 – 2015). More information. Film: Darren Michael, 29 […]


Somerset House in Full Bloom

July/December 2014: A graphic score documenting the soundscape of Somerset House, combining contributions from visitors to Somerset House with my own observations. Premiered July 2014 in the Fountain Courtyard at Somerset House, by Paul Beckett (viola) and Zac Gvi (accordion). Subsequently recorded as an EP with the original line-up at Red Gables Studios, London, released December 2014. Digital download. (c) […]


In Memory

May 2014: an installation in Seaman’s Hall, Somerset House (London), mixing electronic drones, cassette recordings and nostalgic recompositions of Bach’s Cello Suite in G major, performed by Paul Beckett (viola) , Deborah Chandler (cello), Emma Alter (Baroque viola), Natasha Kraemer (Baroque cello), and me (speaker). Subsequently released as an electronic composition. Part of Somerset House Museums […]



January/September 2014: a game piece comprising illustrations, stencils, photographs and two accompanying chorales for piano. The collection forms the basis of a musical performance of indeterminate length for any number of players, guided by two directors initiating entries by rolling dice and flipping playing cards. A Collectives and Curiosities project developed in collaboration with Michael Betteridge. Commissioned […]


Mixed Media 2

June 2013: An interdisciplinary evening of installations and performances at LSO St Luke’s. Part of a LSO Soundhub residency at St Luke’s, combining live music, pre-recorded sound, dance and film. A Collectives and Curiosities project developed in collaboration with Michael Betteridge and Emma-Ruth Richards, featuring additional work by choreographer Johan Stjernholm, and filmmakers Belinda Ackermann and Debra Fear. Film: Belinda […]


figure : refraction : ground

September 2012: a five-day installation at Blankspace Gallery, Manchester, in association with Blank Media Collective, and the Royal Northern College of Music, featuring visuals by artists Hayley Andrew, Joanne McClung and Debbie Sharp. Music included graphic scores performed by solo clarinet and oboe, a string quartet, the Collectives and Curiosities Songbook and an audio loop, replaying sounds made […]